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It's really easy to get burnt out after a long string of weekends that lacked a proper fun night.  I want and need some true downtime every weekend, and when I don't get it I get cranky!  Since that time I've been more aware of trying to make date nights or artist nights, or just a girls night out happen every weekend if possible.  After all, when you have no one left at home to care for what is your excuse not to get out right?

Do you like to go to the movies?  I always have, but I've never really gone consistently.  I guess it's because I do not like being disturbed by other people. People coughing, or kids talking or running or crying.  In fact, it is much more fun to come to my house, sit in front of the big screen with freshly popped popcorn {lightly doused in real butter of course} and cheddar, and enjoy some movie treats like junior mints and other movie appropriate candy and junk etc; with the lights off and the surround sound on. Actually, it's pretty perfect if you ask me. Just the way I like it. Plus, dinner and a movie in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is great for a get together with friends.

Here is what we have seen lately:

:: The Divergent Series Allegiant.  After discovering the truth about their walled city and breaking down its oppressive faction system, Tris and Four lead a journey outside of Chicago to learn more about who has been manipulating their civilization. But once their group comes face-to-face with the society that turned their city into an enclosed experiment, secrets are uncovered that threaten the fate of humankind. 

:: Gods of Egypt.  A young thief named Bek enlists the help of the powerful Egyptian god Horus to overthrow the vicious deity Set, who has seized control of the land. Bek's true love has been captured, forcing the mortal rebel to fight back in order to free her and the people of Egypt from Set's tyrannical rule. 

:: Star wars: The force awakensIn this thrilling continuation of the epic space opera, ex-storm trooper Finn, scrappy desert dweller Rey, and droid companion BB-8 get caught up in a galactic war when they come across a map containing the whereabouts of the vanished Luke Skywalker. They soon embark on an epic adventure that brings them face-to-face with heroes from the past, as well as new villains such as Kylo Ren and the First Order, a fascist regime that has emerged from the ashes of the old Empire.

::  RoomHeld captive for nearly a decade in a tiny shed converted into a living space, a single mother and her five-year-old son break away from their captor after a daring escape. The mother and son are thrown back into society after years of isolation and struggle to adjust to life outside the room. 

:: London has fallen.  In this sequel to the 2013 action thriller Olympus Has Fallen, a terrorist plot unfolds in London as a number of politicians gather for the funeral of the British prime minister. A Secret Service agent, the U.S. president, and an MI-6 operative must work together to stop the terrorists from assassinating the world's leaders and destroying the city's landmarks.

Usually I go into these knowing next to nothing about the movie, which is how I like it. They were all really good. each in their own way. You can't go wrong watching any of them! 

Do you like going to the movies?  What have you seen lately?

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