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:: I lost a whole hour ::

 Reading: Well, I finally finished this book. I had been wanting to read it for quite a while now, especially since there is a new book from this author that I want to read next called "Big Magic" you should check it out too ... I hear it's really good 

I love all the music of Joey & Rory, I wish I had discovered them much sooner that I did, and unfortunately, Joey passed away last week after a long and painful battle with vicious cancer. She leaves behind a devoted, loving husband {Rory} and their 2 year old daughter Indiana {Indy}. She was just 40 year old. Breaks my heart, no longer will there be any new songs from that beautiful soul with that beautiful voice. But, I did buy up everything they that they did manage to make, the last one being the cd of hymns which,  because she knew she was dying are all the more heartfelt and real. 

 I have been following their story written by Rory on his blog called This life I live. I love it. The last entry describing his wife's' funeral, like so many other entries made me simply cry and say to myself that I must make the most of the life I have been given. And, not waste one single day of it. That in itself is a good and important lesson we all need to learn and remember. So, in keeping with that very thought, I called my son and talked for a while, and, he invited me over to his house for breakfast. Now, that is very different since Sunday breakfasts, and dinners are always at my home. But, I said yes. I enjoyed every bit of it from the homemade scones and muffins, scrambled eggs and bacon and several delicious juices, to the wonderful company of  my granddaughter Lily, and my son and Sara. Even though I only stayed a couple of hours, it was a beautiful start to what I hope will be a quiet and thoughtful day. Later, I'll prepare for the week ahead of me so that I can feel organized just a bit, and be ready to accept whatever may come this week. Hopefully, some good news!


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