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:: I'm thinking Summer already ::

So, once again I am thinking about the Summer, and how I want to spend any and all extra time I have. I have decided to not only play it by ear, but when I'm not sure what to do, I'll just grab from this list and be off! I am going to enjoy each and every day I am given, and this Summer folks, is going to be a hoot, I can feel it already!

I'm going to...

hunt for sea glass and beautiful shells
visit at least three unusual museums
find a photo booth and have fun!
pick fresh strawberries and enjoy with cream
pick and press beautiful flowers
grow fresh basil, parsley and chive
find and enjoy some new thrift stores
experiment making cold and delicious teas
read at least three summertime books
drink tons of lemon and/or lime water
wear pretty cotton dresses or skirts
go to lots of yard sales all over the place!
attend a movie at the drive-in theater
spend lots of days walking with camera in hand
shopping the farmers market for my meals
taking lots of weekend road trips
finding where the best donuts can be found
collecting postcards from everywhere I go
attending every music concert I can get to
go for lots of bike rides everyday if I can
make many different gourmet popsicles
create a succulent wall
sit around a fire pit and make smores
spend a whole day lazing around on the beach
create a moss name plate
make real lemonade from scratch
swimming as often as possible - everyday
discovering new thrift stores and book shops!
taking some art classes, ceramics, etc;

 I think that is a pretty reasonable and attainable list for some summer fun. And, depending on where I am for the summer, there could be a lot more fun added to that mix for sure! I simply can't wait! 

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