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:: On using Genius ::

I'm really liking the genius in itunes. For some unknown reason, I've never tried it before, preferring my own mix of course, and being quite sure they could not do better than I could. But, I was quite wrong about that. Being in a very strange mood, and wanting some very different songs, I selected my first song, "Bittersweet", by Apocalyptica. Then, I accidentally clicked the Genius. It created a playlist for me with similar type songs. Here are some of what it came up with that I simply loved!
Bitter Sweet - HIM & The Rasmus & Apocalyptica
Helden - Apocalyptica Feat. Till Lindemann
And Love Said No - HIM
Love songs (They Kill Me) - Cinema Bizarre
Twenty Years - Placebo
Guardian Angel - Lovex
Temptation - Cradle Of Filth
Guilty - The Rasmus
The Only One - Evanescence
Our Truth - Lacuna Coil
In Joy And Sorrow HIM
Spring Nicht - Tokio Hotel
First Day Of My Life - The Rasmus
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams - The 69 Eyes
The Bitter End - Placebo
Muscle Museum (Different Take) - Muse
Escape To The Stars - Cinema Bizarre
Misunderstood - Robbie Williams
Sail Away - The Rasmus

Isn't this a crazy but awesome list? I really liked most of the songs. Some, I have but hadn't heard in a long time, and some are now new and now on the playlist! It's a great way to expand your library! I think I'll actually be using this much more often. How about you? Ever tried it? 

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