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:: Screensaver love ::

 I love my computer's screensaver. It's a collection of random photos from all our picture files. About Every 10 seconds or so a picture that could be from any era, from any file in my computer, flashes onto the screen. I have thousands upon thousands of photos stored in this system that span the better part of the last 75 years. I have pictures from my father loaded up, my grandfather, not to mention all the pictures taken by myself and my family = millions I'm sure. At times, I will look up to find something so unexpected, or something I swear I haven't seen before, and then there are the photos that instantly take you back to that special time and that special place... so it's kind of hard to really describe. We often find ourselves turning off the tv, turning down the lights and sitting near the computer as we watch out family's history through this photo show. We all say ahhh at the appropriate moments, and really get a kick out of this. Sometimes, we look with sad silence. Pictures can be a very powerful thing. Wouldn't you agree?  

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