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:: Welcome Spring! ::

This is it! The first day of Spring, and I am oh so ready for it! I have been thinking for months now about all the things I wanted to do this Spring. These three very short, but very beautiful months have so many wonderful things to enjoy in them that I am determined to do them all. Here's my list:

  1. Go for walks along the river with Bentley
  2. Enjoy a picnic at the park
  3. Go hiking at Starved Rock State Park
  4. Bicycle with Bentley in the Basket
  5. Have lunch at an outside cafe with a friend
  6. Find a four-leafed clover for good luck!
  7. Participate in a Spring photo scavenger hunt
  8. Hand pick strawberries and make delicious things!
  9. Eat jellybeans and peeps of course
  10. Listen to the falling rain, and spot a rainbow
  11. Notice all the trees and plants budding - take pics!
  12. Listen, really listen to the birds singing
  13. Go bare-legged in shorts or a dress, or a skirt
  14. Paint my toenails a delicious spring color
  15. Read a book outside, and feel the sun on my face
  16. Open all my windows and let that spring breeze in!
  17. Wear opened toed shoes, and flip-flops!
  18. Decorate the whole house with fresh flowers
  19. Bake some gourmet cupcakes with pink frosting
  20. Watch a movie showing Spring!

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