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:: All my senses ::

While I was driving very early this morning, {too early even for me} the morning still felt like it hadn't quite risen from its slumber. I was listening to some soothing music and it seemed so fitting with the surroundings right at that very moment. Does that ever happen to you? When it seems as though everything has come together to reach one point; right now. This moment, this perfect moment in time, and that you know how significant this moment actually is to you? I'm not so sure that I can eloquently express this good enough as it's more of a feeling than any spoken word can describe. Anyway, driving past a little countryside, the world still so sleepy, with a hint of the felt quite ethereal. But mostly, I just felt this overwhelming surge of oneness. To have all my senses working with me. To be able to witness the sunrise, to be able to feel the chill on my hands, and the warm sun on my face. To breathe the morning air deeply into my lungs, to sit quietly and watch the world go by, to see a deer jump through the fields. I just felt what an awesome gift I had just been given. It's easy to forget sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, just what we have, and just how spectacular it all is.....and, I just wanted to share that with you today.

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