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You guys, this puzzle was so fun and so addicting!  I bought this as a "house ' gift. Meaning, anyone who comes over gets to sit down at the table and help to put it together. When we opened the box and dumped all the pieces on the table that first afternoon, I realized that 1000 pieces is an awful lot {why didn't I remember that?} and that maybe just maybe it would take a really, really long time to complete!  But, despite the high number of pieces, this puzzle was pretty doable because it was so fun just to work on one candy wrapper at a time.  And, because it is so yummy to look at, everyone wants to work on it!

Unfortunately, I love candy, and this puzzle reignited a weird fascination with it, especially the vintage aspect of it (lots of vintage candies are included in the puzzle) was so nostalgic for me.  So as a consequence, we've been to not one but two candy stores since we finished the puzzle.  We don't usually do that!  Hopefully it's out of my system for awhile.

Do you have any favorite puzzles you like to do as a family?  I'd love to hear.

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