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:: Everything will be fine ::

breathe. laugh. relax. trust.
 the merry go round will stop. you will not fall off. being swept up in the tidal waves rushing through, is not such a bad thing. let go, relax, trust. breathe. find a new tune. find a new routine. find a few routines. find a new route to bike to, or to drive to.{with new playlists}. look up,  not down. enjoy the silence. enjoy some time. enjoy some quiet time. just enjoy. accept - the job offers, the opportunities that are coming your way. send those emails. now. encourage your good relationships, and while you're at it, find some pleasure in new recipes. anticipate the taste as it hits your mouth. really enjoy the silence. enjoy a moment of....just being you. trust that you are only as old as you feel. despite facts, I feel about 37. listen carefully to your body.  acknowledge - and continue to nurture all those around who help you get through every day {thank you}.
 I am finding my way.

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