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:: a good day, and a self portrait too ::

I waited for what seemed like months and months for yesterday. A beautiful warm spring day, sunshine pouring through windows and seeping into crevices. No immediate deadlines, and,  nothing pressing that I could do anything about at that particular time. A day, then, to feed my soul!
That sounds rather pithy, but the pure joy of having a day to 'make' purely for the sake of making because I wanted to {as opposed to what other people in the house wanted or expected out of me for the day} brings with it such an immense sense of satisfaction that it definitely warrants noting.
My day involved cutting lots of paper and other items, and creating back rounds for my journal pages, and drawing, and coloring and taping and inking too. Then, some baking and cooking which seems to go hand in hand with journaling for me.
You know how sometimes you suddenly become hyper aware of the choices you have made... choices that at the time you think are completely unrelated and random, but then suddenly you have this massive realization that...
You should always choose squares or rectangles where paper and related items are concerned, 
I always choose the squares and rectangles. What does that mean? I haven't a clue.

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