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:: It's never just one thing ::

I'm not a one project kind of person - I like to have numerous projects on the go at any one time, to be picked up and worked on as time and desire takes hold. I like long term projects, and I like quick easy projects which only take a few hours. Currently I have on the burner : a new bead picture {it's going slowly, sometimes with weeks in between before getting time to work on it again}, a room divider with picture holders built into it. The hard part is done. It is built. Now, I am struggling to decide what pictures to adorn in each space so that it looks exactly right. And of course my art journal, which thank goodness, is never done. There is always more to add to each page as the idea slowly reveals itself. Now, I am troubled. Which should I work on today? Bother. But, one thing is for sure - my baking skills were certainly in high swing today. For breakfast I had bowls of fresh fruit and baked up some delicious cherry pastries {they were really good!}

After breakfast, Bentley and I went for a long walk to refresh ourselves a bit and walk off some of those pastry calories {LOL} Finally, the trees around here are just beginning to bud while we found a couple that were actually in full bloom! After coming home, I decided to work on my journal a bit and get my things in order once again. I keep trying to streamline my things in order of importance.  Someday very soon, it may be necessary for me to pick up at a moments notice and move myself to parts far away and there, begin again - so, I am making sure that I will be at least sort of ready. Sounds rather intriguing doesn't it? In many ways, it rather is.

For lunch I enjoyed a bowl of vegetable soup and ate a ton of this bowl right here. Sigh. A lot. And then I went right back to journaling once again. After another shorter walk, I sat in my most comfy chair and finished a book I had been reading while sipping on 3 different kinds of tea. Afternoons just seem perfect for sipping tea and reading don't they? This has been a very restful day, and I feel very relaxed and ready for the week. 

I had dinner early deciding to eat out... which I have really cut back on lately, but it was nice. And relaxing. Seems I'm all about trying to slow down, take deep breaths and relax as best as I can lately. You never know what's just ahead. Best to be prepared I always say. Yes, I do always say that in fact. The rest of the evening was spent binge watching the tv show "Fringe". I'm almost finished with the entire series. Wonder what I should watch next? If you have some suggestions, let me know!

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