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:: My own little slice of heaven ::

I actually wrote this blog a while ago, and then forgot about it. My crafting room has evolved and changed a lot over the past few years. At it's height, it looked like the above pictures, but, over time, I have been pairing it down quite a bit. It is not nearly as big as this anymore, but, it may again be in the future.... I don't know. For now, enjoy the story....

I use one of my spare bedrooms upstairs as what I refer to as my crafting room. The other day I was listening to my good friend talking about my house. It always make me happy how comfortable people are in my home. I try to bring a sense of welcome feeling, and it is nice to know that it works. But then she was talking about seeing some of my latest drawings, and writings, and my latest bead art picture... and she said, " I got to see all of her newest creations yesterday when I was in her studio". My "studio"? I had never really thought of it that way before, but I guess that it's a good way to describe it. When I look at all the equipment, all the supplies, the paper, I have more things in there than many stores I think. But, rest assured, I keep it neat and tidy. The light is simply lovely in there, sometimes I take still photos in there as well. It is a respected quiet place. A place in which to create. I sometimes listen to lovely music as I work, sometimes not. I enjoy tea, or some other hot and delicious drinks while working, and I even have a chair and ottoman in the corner to escape to so that I can do a little reading {a large lamp hangs directly above the chair for perfect light} I have always loved the idea of it. My own place. My own space. My own art studio. Yes, I like the sound of that. A lot can happen in a place like that. I'm sipping some tea right now, Bentley is doing his best to get onto my lap, and I'm listening to an audio book while I do some work in my art journal. Every once in a while I pop downstairs to check the laundry. Can't forget to finish that. {Unfortunately} I must go so I can finish my work before it's time to make dinner. Do you have a special place you call your own? 

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