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It's so hard coming off of a Three day weekend. So hard. Especially, when you need a vacation from your vacation! We were so busy all weekend. What a blast we had though! Friday night {Not wasting one moment of our weekend mind you} we headed up to the hotel in Venice Beach. We met our friend Denise there and another couple and we went out to eat at Sharkey's. I personally love the place! And the beach is amazing! We caught the sunset and listened to a band play Steely Dan music while we ate some delicious seafood. We got in quite late so we hit the hay so we could get up bright and early the next morning {Saturday} and hit the beach.

 Well, it was probably 9:30-10:00 before we got there. Had to get up, get ready, eat breakfast, then get going... but my goodness, was it a beautiful day! Denises' husband drove up by noon, and so did my brother! It was a great time. By 4:30 we decided to call it a day at the Beach and get ready for dinner. We went to Pops which is on the water as well. Delicious food and a great time for all followed by listening to the drums on a dark beach for a couple of hours. It was soothing, and calming. The sound of the ocean lulling one to relax completely. It was great.


The next day {Sunday} We all made it to the beach by 9:30 {pretty good, I'd say} a little wore out, but so excited about the day and the beautiful blue, clear water. We had an impromptu service first, which we all enjoyed a lot, then began our day.

After a long walk along the beach collecting shells and a swim, a took a little nap, it was really needed, however, I did get a little red. After our beach adventures today we went to a restaurant called Flounders. It was just so-so that night.

 Anyway, the next morning... I was pretty red and so I decided it would not be a really good idea to be out in the sun all day again, so I went home early, got my laundry done, made some dinner for everyone and took a nap. All in all this was such a good weekend. Had a lot of fun with some really good friends, and folks, that is what life is all about.

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