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Today, I am having the best day ever. I am with my very best friend, and we are spending the day doing whatever we want and lazing around on the beach, playing in the ocean, collecting seashells, and in general just doing "our thing". The last few days traveling down here with her have been amazing. But, tomorrow, this will all be over. She will fly home early in the morning and nothing will ever be the same again. She will go back to her life, and I will begin to move forward here with mine. I miss her so much already. That she made this trip with me in the first place just shows me how special she is, and what a good friend she really is. Life is going to be hard without her in it. Shopping, not nearly as fun. I know in this day and age all I have to do is pick up the phone, or even skype with her to see her, but, it's not the same. Instead, I think I'll count down the days until she can come and visit me here! It's never to early to start planning! That's the ticket. For now, enjoy my last day with her, tomorrow, plan for her return trip. That'll work!

Because, come tomorrow, our chairs are going to look very sad like this. And so will I.

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