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:: The Concert ::


We really wanted to see this concert. So we did what anyone would do. Volunteered to work it so we could get in! This concert was cold out folks! But, we had the very best seats in the house!

These new friends are just as crazy as my old friends no doubt!!! And so much fun!

Plumb Tour Dates

Plumb was playing as well...what a beautiful voice she has!

Jordan Feliz Tour Dates

and Jordan Feliz! I totally love his song The River! See it HERE!

We had so much fun! Our huge church was completely packed full of people singing and dancing and clapping it was simply incredible to be sure. I will never forget it. I also got the cutest T-shirt as well to remember it all by. They were lovely people and talented singers, and they gave a lot of people a lot of joy this night to be sure! Thank you all so very much!

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