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:: The power of transformation ::

The power of transformation intrigues me.

Our ability (or not) to change and grow, sometimes drastically, often subtly, is a constant source of surprise for most. I have always watched {from a distance} at the ability of some women to transform their lives when the need would arise. I myself have changed and grown and become who I needed to be when I needed to be, but that is not what I am referring to here. No, instead, I am referring to women who have taken there lives by the horns and run with them in whatever direction they needed to to survive. One day, they just decided that things should and must change, and they did it. I was always envious of such women. I would just say "well, they are certainly taking their chances, aren't they?" Perhaps as a way to justify my own mutable life, or perhaps because I wanted to be just like those courageous women who told themselves they could and so they did.

I like stories where people say no to the accepted way that things are, the different ways they have learned to accept themselves; Their bodies, that second glass of wine, dealing with their feelings. I like people who slough off old skins and transform themselves, people who radically change their world for the pure unadulterated betterment of themselves.

Inspirational, isn't it? These are people who have tapped into the great, largely unmapped, territory of "I deserve better than this", when we are often led to believe that we don't. These are the special ones who have realized that transformation is there for the taking. Just like on The Wizard of Oz... Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy "you had the power all along my dear".

Believe me when I tell you that the smallest shift in mindset, a tiny peek into perception, and a determination to effect change and we can do anything we want. More than that, we can be anything we want. Magical creatures every single one of us. And I am about to join them.

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