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Ok, so, I'm all out of whack and out of sorts. So many changes, being so busy, I have really been neglecting my little blog, so Ill try and straighten it up a little bit now. I have lived in the great state of Florida now for just a little over a month and I absolutely love it, even though this is the warmest time of the year. And trust me, it's quite warm. But, it is so beautiful, and the water so blue and so perfect to swim in. I have been training in my new job for a month now as well with at least 14 more weeks to go (it is a very good but complex job) and meeting new people, making new friends, living with and getting to know my wonderful family here so well (I love them so much), they are the greatest family on earth ( I am so lucky to have them in my life) acclimating to the weather, a brand new church (which is wonderful as well) and all new surroundings. (I can't find anything without using my phone gps) But, it's all good. Things couldn't be going better, and life is really good. I think that's about all I can add right at the moment, but there will be lot's more coming don't worry!

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