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I like movies that make me laugh so hard that I snort, then cry, then eventually cackle, then I can't even breath and my stomach hurts so much I swear it's going to burst, and I like stories that make me think even if it's not stuff  I'm comfortable thinking about, and really touching true stories about life adventures that make me want to get up and do stuff and squeeze every second out of every minute out of every hour of every day that I possibly can... whew! And you know I adore things that are made with care and love by people who care about and love what they do, and people who are so passionate, people who make mistakes, people who don't mind looking goofier then heck! Of course, I love creativity in all of its various forms... especially edible ones like peanut butter, honey, jelly and banana on toast...genius! And of course I just love friends and family crazy as they all may be I wouldn't want them any other way {otherwise I would have to straighten up}! I want to read more really good books, the kind you wish would never ever end, and why not throw in the fact that I would love some clothes that make me look 20 lbs lighter and 20 years younger, that would make me extremely happy! That, and the worlds most perfect pair of shoes of course.

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