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:: Happy Monday! ::

At least, I am assuming it is a happy day for everyone right? Whew! I try! I've given myself something fun to do after work {a craft project} and so I am hoping that by having something really nice and quiet and engaging will keep my mind happy today until work time is over. It is never very easy to stay happy, alert, and kind all day long surrounded by so many different phone calls and each request from everyone you come into contact with will be different, and each one will take a little something from you. But, I would like to think that from each encounter, I too take something away with me as well. After all, you fell into my path today for some reason. You and I were supposed to come into contact.  Why? I don't know. I just know that for whatever reason we are. And when we do meet up, I don't want to be down and out and grumpy and whiny. No, I want to be happy, cheerful, engaged and positive, and to that end I have to pray hard every morning believe it. Just to have the strength to get through my day in a happy way. I just simply smile. That's what I do. I smile. It's really hard to have a bad day or speak badly when you are grinning from ear to ear just happy to be alive and a part of the world. I am grateful. Thank you. I awoke this morning... so many did not, I have another chance to be a part of this big world...some did not, and I have another chance to make a difference in someone's life...some will not... ever again. But I do. Thank you God. You make all the difference in the world.

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