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Almost everyday, at any moment I am asking myself: what is inspiring me right at this moment? It could be anything. It could be that I need to tune in to the beauty around me and perhaps even take a few pictures, or it could be noticing a picture hanging on the wall that turns my head, or, it could even be the perfect shade of lipstick that I'm noticing on someone else's lips. Weird huh? But yet it does happen all day every day. I am always walking around with hundreds of different thoughts swirling through my mind at any given moment. That's why I adore lists. I sometimes stop in my tracks and record my thought on an app I have on my phone to look at later. Sometimes, I talk into my phone to save a thought, address, idea, name etc;, and sometimes, I write my thoughts down in a small journal that I keep in my purse for such moments, but sometimes, if it's something that I see that I would like to remember or want to try to make... I'll just take a picture of it to look at later. Do you live your days like this as well? I have often wondered if everyone else also has hundreds of thoughts at the same time like I do, or if that is something that separates me from most people? Hard to know. Hey now! That's something to ponder!

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