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:: The Rainy Day ::

Because I live in Florida, we do not experience Fall/Autumn very quickly. Here, the temperatures will remain in the high 80's all through October and most likely November as well, or so I have been told.

Climate Lakeland - Florida

°C | °F
Average high in °F:747682869194
Average low in °F:515256606772
Av. precipitation in inch:2.442.723.392.053.827.01

Average high in °F:959492878075
Average low in °F:737473665953
Av. precipitation in inch:7.527.326.342.282.132.13

This is the weather chart for my city on a yearly basis. Pretty simple. Right now, we are in what is referred to as  "Hurricane Season". It has been dark and rainy for the past three days now, and I couldn't love it more! Why? Because it brings a bit of slowing down to my life, which is sorely needed right now. Not our normal rain for twenty minutes in the afternoon, stop and be extra bright and sunny again, but this rain brings a slight cooling of temperatures, and dark skies with light rainfall all day long. Perfect. For what you ask? Simple. On Wednesday, I had the whole wonderful day off! I woke up to this kind of a day. I just smiled. A whole day to myself. To do anything and everything, or absolutely nothing at all. What to do? Here's what I decided to do: 

Wash my bedding, including my comforter and clothes (2 loads}
Refill my weekly vitamin container
Fill a shadowbox full of shells and my painted shells for a present.
Read through the church bulletin on all the upcoming classes to pick from
Color for a little bit in my beautiful coloring book
Pick up a new bible case for my bible.
Give myself a mani/pedi
Stop at Starbucks for a tea
Buy a Birthday card for my son and my best friend
Stop for lunch At Panera Bread for French onion soup and BBQ Salad
Take a long, hot bubble bath
Take a nap
Read my book
Spend a little time with the family before going to bed

And, as amazing and simple as this list is, I did everything on it. Everything. It was great! If you haven't had a day like this in a while, my advice to you is this: take one. You need it. Desperately. Just do it.

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