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{It's about 200 degrees here with no hope of any air}

Captured at the Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Heart Concert in Tampa Florida Thursday night. I know. I'm getting a l little bit too old to be out so late on a work night, but hey, Friday came and went without too much of a problem so, I'm still able to hang pretty good despite getting older by the minute. I know. I have a Physical coming up this week so things like this are always on my mind. You know, my list of ailments to hand over to the doctor to see if by some miracle he can stop the advancement of time and it's effects on me. Sure hope I picked a good doctor right? I don't expect too much!!! On the plus side, about a half hour after arriving at the concert and realizing how hot things were going to actually be,  a storm starting brewing over the ocean, then, there was a beautiful lightning show, and, yes,  you guessed it... breezes. Cool, ocean breezes. I could not believe it. Just when I need it the most. God is good... always.

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