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:: The close of summer ::

The summer has come to a close, and believe me, it was a hot one! Record high temps swept across the entire nation, but especially here in Florida where I now reside. I got through it though. Amazing. And, I learned some very valuable lessons as well like, 1. never leave your lip balm in the car all day, start every day with sunscreen, always use a sun visor in your windshield., learn to set a comfortable pace as you go about your errands, re-apply your sunscreen, keep water on you at all times and keep drinking it throughout the day to stay hydrated, movie theaters are your friend (because they're cold),

And, the ocean is the perfect spot to be as you can sit under your umbrella and cool off often in the ocean, and lastly, don't try to take long walks or bike far... it's just too hot. Save that for the fall and winter months which just so happen to be now!

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