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:: more things to love ::

I just love so many things, and it's a good thing once in a while to talk about all the little things that we appreciate most, or admire, or even leave us awestruck.

So, this week, I am grateful for:
(1) dream catchers {I do believe mine is working great}
(2) The colors of Florida sunsets, shades of purples and pinks like I've never seen.
(3) Reese's peanut butter cups {I ate 2 of them today}
(4) Berry tea with out local wild honey prevents sinus trouble}
(5) Words, that just pop into my head like ginormous, clarity, illumination and infinite.
(6) Books, and everything about books, the way that they smell, the way that they feel in my hands, the way a page sounds when it turns, and the way I can lose myself for whole day without ever leaving my home, {It's just not the same with my Kindle}
(7) Witnessing random acts of kindness, the way people hold the door open for you, or a total stranger who offers up a giant, kind smile, or someone who offers you their seat.
(8) All of my Sharpies, Copic Markers and distressed markers, pencils, etc {love to draw}
(9) Journaling. There is nothing quite like it at all. You can pour everything out onto blank pages and before you know it...a masterpiece unfolds!
(10) Yarn. It's about that time to think about crocheting a new afghan for the winter months ahead {lol}
(11) I love the seasonal coffees at Starbucks right now. Perfect for slightly cooler weather
(12) The smell of saltwater, lemongrass, pine and cypress
(13) My paper planner that I am already filling up with plans and appointments for next year.
(14) Boots and soft sweaters, hoodies and yoga pants!!!!
(15) I love the promise of all that we have yet to discover. The unknowing makes anything a possibility. It allows for us to passionately keep seeking, keep learning, and keep dreaming.

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