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:: What's a hurricane? ::

Yup, that's right. I'm right in the middle of it. The hurricane that it. Luckily, I am right in the middle of the great state of Florida. It takes me less than 1 hour to drive to either coast, but, I'll tell you what folks, hurricanes are a scary thing. They can wreak great havoc. Already, the grocery store shelves are empty, there is no gas for our cars, and bottled water has been gone for days. Happily, in our home, we have lots of food and water {because we are always prepared} and gas. Lots of gas because we also have a generator to run all the important things for a couple of weeks if needed. Yes, we really are the exception to the rule. I find that many people don't prepare. Even when they know that they should. 

The highways and Interstates and roads are all heavily congested with the  traffic of thousands of people escaping the Eastern coast of Florida. And, I do mean thousands upon thousands.
But, that's a good thing. Because no matter the loss of stuff, its just stuff. You can't replace a life. You can always replace stuff with newer better stuff! Let that be today's lesson. And, it's a good lesson don't you think? Well, time to go look at all the old photo albums and have a good laugh or two, nothing like looking at old family pics to get everybody really laughing! OK then, gotta go, I have a hurricane to watch!

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