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The Quote


:: The best you can do ::

Pull out your journal and be brutally, painfully, overwhelmingly, and totally honest with yourself.
You will find that in being honest with yourself, it comes much more naturally to be honest and kind to others.


:: Craving solitude ::

My craving for a little solitude has been strong these past few days. Not the quiet kind of solitude, more like a restlessness, like the flicker of a waking fire just waiting to burst from smoldering ash. I am keenly aware that when my mind wanders to places other than where I am I now... it's time to fan those flames with a slow exhale. Sometimes I forget that I can't breathe deeply, to restore myself, without first exhaling...


:: When Yummy just isn't enough! ::


Follow these step by step instructions to make your own honey butter. If you'd prefer regular butter just skip the last couple steps. Spread on fresh bread for an amazing afternoon treat!
Ingredients: heavy whipping cream, honey, vanilla and a empty mason jar
Supplies:  1 small container of whipping cream,  vanilla,  salt,  honey,  clean jar,  stand mixer,  wax paper
Pour the cream into your electric mixer. Add about 1 t of salt as well. If you've been shaking it for at least 10 minutes, it should have started to look whipped. Add about ½ t of vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon in at this point. Now you'll continue whipping that cream on high into submission.
Keep whipping past the point of whipped cream.  Keep going until little pockets of liquid start to form (that's buttermilk!).
You'll need to get your hands dirty now and squeeze chunks of the butter out of the bowl and place it on a piece of waxed paper. Squeeze out at much of the buttermilk liquid as you can. This will keep the butter fresh.
Roll it up in the waxed paper and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
Place the butter back into the mixer and add about 3-4T of honey. Mix until it comes together. Enjoy on fresh bread!


:: Never tired ::

I never get tired of watching the sand hill cranes walk through the yards here in groups of 9-10, or how they just blankly stare at me while I walk by them. I never get tired of searching the skies for some really fabulous big, billowy clouds and finding an object they closely resemble, Also, we have lots of predatory birds like Hawks and Eagles and others as well. 

No, I never get tired of autumn or Halloween for that matter, It's a different kind of excitement here in the south for sure but I really do relish in the cozy smells of fall that I am able to find here as well like, the smell of burning wood, pumpkin spices, and baking apple everything with cinnamon spices added, 

I'll never tire of watching the seasons slowly change around here. Hope you'll continue to join me.