:: The Best Policy ::

Pull out your journal and be brutally, painfully, overwhelmingly, and cathartically honest with yourself. You will 
find that in being completely honest with yourself, it comes much more naturally to be honest and kind to others.



:: Hold on to things lightly ::

Hold things lightly instead of clutching them tightly in your hands. A clenched fist grows very stiff and begins to hurt very quickly, then grows quite tired from holding on, but, an open hand is able to give freely and also to receive freely as well. Allow that ebb and flow to happen naturally.


:: Happy Weekend ::


:: I want what I have ::

It's completely natural to desire more... more clothes, more friends, more money, it's only human. But, obsessing over the things you're lacking can make you feel very dissatisfied. That is bad. This month, take a moment to acknowledge what you do have... anything from your healthy body which can carry you through a 5k walk or run to your best friend {who's really more like a sister}. Just remember that, while life can always get better, it's more fulfilling to always appreciate exactly where you are right now.


:: Some things that I love ::

....Having my first hot drink of the morning, sitting in front of a twinkly Christmas tree when the rest of the house are still dreaming their dreams.

....The scent of cinnamon and cloves and oranges that fill the air when I walk in the house.

....A delicious smelling hand cream

....Hot water bottles. {just discovered these wonderful things!}

....Santa mugs {you would think I collect them} - {hey, maybe I do!}

....My new snuggly duvet that makes me not want to get out of bed for days.

....Twinkling lights, that make everything look rather beautiful and magical.

....The feel of hot flannel sheets, right out of the dryer and onto the bed.

....Freshly baked cookies. {preferably chocolate chip}

....A new yarn ball to play with. {need some wrist warmers}

....New copic markers.

....Snuggling with the Bentley, watching a movie

....A clean kitchen

....A really hot latte

....Layers..to wear, and on my bed of course

....Plump cushions {to sit back and read, or write}

....Writing lists {always writing lists}

....Jumping over puddles {unless I'm wearing my boots}

....Listening to the wind and the rain

....Feeling excited by a new crafty project

....Discovering a pretty new Christmas tree decoration.

....Coffee and a good book in bed

....Red and white gingham and other newly discovered fabrics I need to use.

....Homemade blankets {new at this, but it's fun!}

....Wrist warmers

....An appointment free day

....Blueberry scones and tea


....Snow Globes

....Walking in Fog {can't decide, if it's warm or cold}

....My iTunes Playlist {and creating new lists}

....Cozy Slippers

....Finishing the last end of a blanket

....Reading heartwarming news


....Waking up natural sounds on my alarm clock. That always puts me in a good mood.

....Sparkly nail polish

....finding something I like in the perfect color.

....Baking bread. I'm a sucker for it.

These are some of my favorite things. What are some of your favorite things right now?