:: It's that time of year again ::

I love the idea of having seasonal rituals, and Christmas as you know is no exception. In fact, there are more rituals and traditions in this month than other, which is a shame, because there is real magic around those traditions. It's a rare point in the year where we have time and opportunity to connect with those most important to us. Where we are able to show our love in person, or through thoughtful gifts and sentiments, and in turn remind ourselves how lucky we are. Add to that, some quiet reflection of the last 12 months in preparation for the New Year around the corner - it's a seasonal gift that unfortunately, only comes at this particular time of the year.


:: Running around ::

That was me. It was one of those days that was just full of errands to run. I had my lists in hand, my ice water, a super large Starbucks seasonal drink and a new audio book popped into my playlist to listen to while driving because God knows the traffic here has tripled in the last month from all of the snowbirds coming back to Florida for the winter... this afternoon, I hit all the little places I have not been able to get to lately and wander around, finding a few little treasures along the way. Then I had to get cat litter, paper plates, and stock up on some fresh fruits and vegetables. Next, I picked up the newest issue of a favorite magazine, perused a couple book stores, and then, it was over. I knew I had hit my limit of fun for the day. I was really tired. And just the thought of all the traffic and knowing it was going to take me twice as long just to get home had me rather aggravated. But, I just listened to my audio book, and all went surprisingly well! I made a large pot of vegetable soup after I arrived home, whipped up a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, got out the veggie tray and we were in heaven! Next up: Choosing a good movie to watch a perhaps even a little popcorn! What to watch? I'll let you know what we decided on later. I can't make up my mind! Hope you have an amazing night yourself! {and, I need to find that fudge I bought today and hid somewhere} did I mention that?


:: How do you know it's winter? ::

Well now, is a very good question indeed. If you live in Florida that is, you have to really stop and think about that for a moment. This is going on my third winter here, and surprisingly, I have really adapted to my new surroundings. I feel cold when the temperature is in the low 70's. Unreal.
So, here's a little list that I put together on how I know it's the winter season. {Even if it doesn't feel like it at all}

  1. The temperature drops about 10-20 degrees.
  2. There is almost no humidity.
  3. You're keeping dozens of lip moisturizer's everywhere.
  4. The bugs are all gone!
  5. The smell of fires burning both inside and outside.
  6. The long sleeves come out. {maybe}
  7. Nail polish shades grow darker.
  8. Early mornings my feet are adorned with fuzzy slippers against the cold tile.
  9. You feel like carb loading like it's your job.
  10. Soups and lighter evening meals soothe your very soul.
  11. Leggings are back!
  12. Starbucks change their cups and offer seasonal flavors.
  13. We are enjoying hot flavorful teas on our breaks at work.
  14. Flavored creamers are in the grocery stores.
  15. The traffic is really bad {the snowbirds are returning}
And that folks, is how I know we are coming upon the Holiday season. That, and the fact that I just put down like 20 pounds of food yesterday in what we call that excuse "Thanksgiving"! Other than that, you really wouldn't know it. This is actually the time of year when we are the most active of all. In fact, the one downside of living in Florida is that there is no hibernation time the way there is when you have cold and snow and freezing temperatures. Here, winter is when we bike and hike the most, hunt, horseback ride, everything. And, if I ever want to go ice skating, I can just go to the skating rink. Nothing is missing here except the snow and the bitter cold. I can live with that.


:: Happy Weekend ::


:: Surprised ::

You bet I was. This week the temperature took a big dip. I woke up yesterday morning, and I was just freezing! Last weekend I felt like I could finally open up the windows and call it done with the air conditioning and it was great! A little warm yet in the afternoon, but really nice in the mornings and at night. Then last night happened. When I woke up it was like 57 degrees in the house! I grabbed my slippers of course, and my big heavy sweater, closed a few windows, and thought what is this? Yes, even in Florida it can get cold. by afternoon I was myself again. It climbed to the mid 70's which was perfect. And last night was not nearly so cold (thank goodness) and I just realized that today I gained an extra hour! Whoo-whoo! Nice. Today is going to be a really good day! I'm still wearing a sweater this morning with my coffee, but, it's not too bad. I can't believe how I have gotten so used to living in 90 degree weather, where even the mid 70's can feel cool...