:: Amy's Art ::

A New year is coming, and with it, a new journey


:: Moments ::

In a matter of mere moments, life changed from what I once knew well, to things I know nothing about. A dim light shine's upon the things that will only be here for a while longer, and my promise to myself is to be present while it changes instead of asking how and why, I would rather just say that I watched it happen, and that it was beautiful.


:: Things remain ::

Sometimes things remain in our lives that should have fallen off long ago, left, disappeared, gone. But, when it is in front of you, it seems to appear as if it was always meant to be... this though is an illusion that has mislead you in many ways and complicated everything, hasn't it?


:: Amy's Art ::

The Christmas Flower


:: Too much going on ::

As always. And too many things keeps me from sitting down with my thoughts and blogging. I had to sit down and write out tons of Christmas cards yet again, like I do every year, and that takes a lot of time. What have you been up to I wonder? There is always so many things going on in life isn't there? Well, take a deep breath-the holidays will be over before we know it.