:: Amy's Art ::

Winter Pattern


:: Go your own way ::

Better known as "the road less traveled". I have taken this road more than once in my life, and I'd like to think I'm a much better person for it. 

Monday, and I have the day off! From my closet I remove my Nike backpack, load it up with a good book, my camera, extra batteries, my car keys and some cash so as not to be traced thru my day! And, out the door I went, with no plans, no set purpose. I just needed to get up and go. And so I did. Because it was so early, my first stop, a coffee house. It was perfect! A great cup of coffee, a few chapters read, pleasant conversation had, and off I went.

I navigated thru quirky little stores with my camera in hand, stopped at a park and took a long, leisurely walk, enjoying the beautiful, warm sunshine all along the way. I enjoyed drinking a cold, sweet, organic tea, and took in lots of creative art. All, in all, it was good.

What a wonderful, refreshing way to begin my week! My adventures are my own, and I 
love choosing paths that only I will ever know...with my camera in hand.


:: Trust yourself ::

Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your gut. Trust your feelings. Trust your journey. Trust all of your crazy ideas. And, most of all, trust your heart. Also, always keep a stash of extra batteries.


:: Amy's Art ::

A new year, a new pattern


:: A storm is brewing ::

As I sit here, a storm is raging outside. and I'm totally loving it because I don't have to do anything today, or go anywhere in particular at all! Instead, I am comforted by the fire, and the hot delicious coffee, the thought of opening a new book, journaling a little bit, and perhaps even being creative and making something beautiful. I think too, that I will bake something delicious and sweet, and make a warm and soothing soup for dinner. All of these things puts a smile on my face. Let the storm rage on!