:: Happy and sad ::

Last week found us running around like well, crazy people. My daughter out of the blue,  announced she and her family were coming for a visit directly after Easter. We got busy preparing the house for a gathering of friends and family to help us celebrate. Thank goodness my Spring cleaning was just about done!

It was a picture perfect day and evening. It was warm with a little breeze instead of hot, stifling, and humid that Florida is famous for. Although, to them, it was quite warm. They swam in my pool, mind you, I haven't even got into yet this year {not warm enough}. They enjoyed huge grandma breakfasts every day {the kids had to have pancakes even with eggs, bacon, hash browns etc} and delicious dinners, one of which we grilled ribeye's to perfection. It was a great visit. They got to meet about everybody including the neighbors of course {who were not going to be ignored}, a few relatives that had never got to meet before. It was fabulous. That is, until it came time to say goodbye. Now, I'm as blue as this butterfly.


:: Gratefuls week 5 ::

rainy days
family visits
my sly cat
a clean house
my large umbrella


:: I've become that person ::

Do you remember when you were a kid, listening to an elder - a grandparent, aunt, uncle, family friend who knew it all?  They had seen it all. They had done it all. And they weren't afraid to tell you about it. If the truth be told, when I look back, I often relish in their wisdom and their ability to adapt  to the changing times. But when I was a kid, I just rolled my eyes when they turned their back and sat down, took a deep breath, and then for hours would talk about "how things used to be". 

Well it shames me to admit it, but I have turned in to that person. Most of all. I realized I am aging. And that I am slowly becoming that person I used to roll my eyes at. And the most I can hope for is that I learn to adapt and change along with it. And, to know, that I'm getting the same eye-rolling behind my back as well.


:: Grateful Week 4 ::

the perfect pair of jeans
the smell of grilled food
access to the internet, anytime, anyplace
having the exact change needed


:: Today I am loving ::

Taking a nap after working hard outside for hours
New, fun songs to listen to
A fresh donut with sprinkles and a strong cup of coffee {afternoon pick-me-up}
A new pen and notebook
Starting a really good book


:: A Spring List ::

What is it about Spring time that makes you the happiest? For me, it's lots of things. So, I sat down and thought about all the things I do in the Spring and made a list of the best!

The BIG Easter Brunch
Watching all the new baby ducks and swans
Putting up the hammock {and using it!}
Planting my herb garden
Bike riding {the weather is perfect!}
Driving with the windows down
All the sandals are out!
The sun staying out much later
Leaving all the windows OPEN!
The cleaning out the closet ritual
Cleaning the entire house inside and out!
Hiking and watching nature come alive once again

It really does feel like the year begins again at Springtime doesn't it? Everything is now fresh and new, the leaves bursting out from their buds, flowers blooming everywhere, there is color, dramatic colors everywhere you look! The air seems clean and the breeze is delightfully warm. Yes, this is Springtime at it's very best.


:: Sure, I could ::

and, it's not that I can't, it's just that I don't want to. Does that make sense to you? You know that I do love taking pictures. In fact, I'm very good at it. I used to do a lot of photography for people who paid me very well to do just that. But since moving to Florida, I've kept that part of my life kind of hush-hush. And for a reason. I used to spend hours every day editing photos. It was eating up my life. Bad. So, no more. Of course I still take pictures. Every day. Of what I want, when I want. And, I like that. Of course, when I am with family, and at family events, I take lots of pictures that everyone loves and copies, and makes Christmas cards out of etc:, and I don't mind that at all. But, I do mind being taken advantage of. I went somewhere recently without my camera. There was shock and disappointment, to say the least. I went here to enjoy a craft outing. It was assumed, that I would, instead of crafting, spend the whole time taking pictures. Wrong. Why was that even assumed anyway? Was that the whole reason that you really invited me in the first place? Lesson learned. Always be very wary of people out to exploit your talents. They are never worth the effort.


:: Pause ::

There are going to be times in your life when what you really need is to take a long pause... 
Time to breathe, feel, reflect and grow in the real world. And that's ok.


:: Gratefuls Week 3 ::

My list of grateful for the week. It's funny how you can tell the kind of week you've had just by looking at what you're grateful for!

toll roads (Otherwise, I would be late)
clean, fresh bedding (every Sunday night)
dollar stores ( I can find some great stuff here folks)
spca for animals (greatest cause ever!)
pizza (a movie night weakness)


:: I had a moment ::

Yes, you heard me right. I had a moment. I was taken aback, shocked, flabbergasted even. Over what you ask? Well, I went shopping the other day. When the cashier rang up my items and presented me with a total, I just smiled. I knew it should cost more. But, I got a really good discount she said. Well, nothing wrong with a really good discount right? But, as I looked at the receipt, it said (no kidding) "Senior Discount". Senior Discount? Senior? Me? Sigh. My shoulders sagged, my back bent over a bit, and I walked slowly out of the store staring at those words. I'm old, I thought. I'm really old. I got into my car and headed home. I'm quite a lead foot. And as I raced around all the cars, the wind was blowing my hair in every direction, the sun was shining bright and warm, I thought, the hell with that, I'm not old at all. Not in any way, shape, or form. But, thanks, I'll take that damn discount!


:: Gratefuls Week 2 ::

What a beautiful Sunday morning here in Florida! I am always grateful that I live here, in this lush, and beautiful place! And, I've put together my gratefuls from the week!

Watching a great movie {Unplanned}
A nice breeze on a hot day
A restorative afternoon nap
A really good book {The  Silent Patient}
The dishwasher


:: Words to live by ::

I for one, think it's very important to live by certain rules. Everyone has a moral compass {I hope}, that propels them into each day, and on a quick ABC list, I have created mine.

Avoid...all the negative sources out there... fake news, tin foil hat people, and bad habits.
Believe in myself... there is no better cheerleader for me than me! {Good thoughts only}
Consider...things from all angles and every direction... then make my determinations.
Don't...throw in the towel too soon, and don't give in when you know you're right.
Enjoy everyday... I really may not get a tomorrow.
Family and friends are most important... Keep them close always, and rid myself of the bad.
Give... of myself whenever possible to help in any way that I can.
Hold on to my dreams... they are exclusively mine, and don't let anyone ruin them.
Ignore... all the people who try to discourage me-they are not my friends.
Just do it... if there are things I really want to do, or try-don't let anything stop you.
Keep going...even if it's really hard. Remember, this too shall pass, it always does.
Love yourself...treat yourself, be kind to yourself, take care of yourself.
Make things happen... if you want to see something change-make that commitment to do it.
Never... be dishonest, never lie, don't cheat, don't steal, hold your ethics and morals dearly.
Open...your eyes. Don't ever look at things thru someone else's eyes or opinions.
Practice... all those things you don't feel your'e good enough at. Practice makes perfect.
Quitting...is never an option. Quitters never win, and winners, they never quit.
Read...about everything. study, learn new skills, educate yourself, never stop learning.
Stop...the insanity from coming in to your world. Just remember there is right, and wrong.
Take...control of your own future. You alone {with God's help} are the master of your own destiny.
Understand... yourself in order to consider how you want to live, what you will tolerate.
Visualize your life... Can you see it? Make plans to achieve it. One step at a time.
Want...a good and happy life for yourself and the ones around you. Be happy for others.
Xenodochial...means to be friendly to strangers. I will always be kind and respectful of others.
You...are unique amongst all of God's creatures. Remember, nobody could ever replace you.
Zero...in on what you want, and don't let anything, or anyone, ever stop you!


:: Week one Gratefuls ::

  • Watching the sun rise and set in the same day
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • The perfect black dress
  • Walking on a shell filled beach
  • Coming home after a beach weekend to my own bed